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Moulded wood
Moulded foam
Moulded wood and foam
3D Demonstration
Moulded foam
Moulded foams offer optimum shape repeatability. The presence of a moulding skin ensures optimum abrasion resistance and good holding to the foam.
The moulding technology makes for resilience foams (low hysteresis and increased rebounce). Its optimum density gives it excellent fatigue strength.
Bespoke moulds
Moulding allows for endless shapes (curved, dished, tapered, etc)
The moulds are made from models sized to your requirements.
They are made of glass fibre reinforced polyester resin.
In the case of insert overmoulding, we master the mould production in order to design the specific resistance of the part.
Our moulded foams are naturally correctly fire resistant. Upon request, we can make CMHR foams which have a better flame resistance in order to comply with the European and English requirements.
We answer to all the principal standards of the market.
Wood and moulded foam
Overmoulding is a unique technique.
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