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Moulded wood
Moulded foam
Moulded wood and foam
3D Demonstration
Moulded wood
The technical and economic assets offered by moulded wood make it the material of tomorrow suited to numerous applications.
From the furniture and packaging fields where it is the must-have choice and is already extensively used, moulded wood is now appearing in new sectors where its technical and eye-catching virtues allow for new products to be created.
Bespoke moulds
This technology gives rise to shaped parts incorporating many functions. The moulds are performed using CAD files in keeping with your requirements. These moulds have a service life of approximately 250,000 parts. They are made of XC 48 steel.
From sub forest products that are easily recyclable by energy forestry or shredding to be reused in any bonding process, the moulded wood is a material which is both efficient and environmental-friendly.
We answer to all the principal standards of the market.
Wood and moulded foam
Overmoulding is a unique technique.
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