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Moulded wood
Moulded foam
Moulded wood and foam
3D Demonstration
Moulded wood calls for advanced technology. Working from a blend of wood chips and glue, we obtain a type of wood that is highly modular.

ITA MOULDING PROCESS also specialises in high-resilience polyurethane moulded foam. This top end foam boasts modern, comfortable and repeatable solutions which can be moulded alone or moulded over a metal insert or moulded wood.

Bespoke moulds
Whether wooden or foam products are required, ITA MOULDING PROCESS can make your bespoke moulds. In close liaison with our technicians, we can match all the technical and quality requirements of your products.

Production capacity
Our workshops working in 3 shifts
A production capacity of 5,000 parts per day for wood and 2,500 parts per day for moulded foam.
Moulded wood
The technical and economic assets make this the material of tomorrow.
Moulded foam
This ensures optimum repeatability of shapes.
Wood and moulded foam
Overmoulding is a unique technique.
View in 3D the complexity of one our parts in production.
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